Women’s History Month Books & Lesson Plans

Women's History Month Lesson Plans and Books

Women’s History Month Lesson Plans and Books

Women’s History Month annually celebrated contributions of women across centuries. From Harriet Tubman, who led thousands of people from bondage to freedom, her contribution is never ending, to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is daily standing up to injustice. Women’s History Month is dedicated to women who made/make a difference.

Here is the list of some of most inspiring books: 

So Tall Within: Sojourner Truth Long Walk to Freedom – Grades 3-6 

Before She Was Harriet – Grades 3-6 

Turning Pages: My Life Story – Sonia Sotomayor – Grades 3-6 

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

The Breadwinner – Grades 5-8 

Parvana’s Journey – Deborah Ellis – Grades 5–8 

Ruby Bridges Through My Eyes – 5- 8 

Visions of Beauty – Lasky – Grades 4-7


Before She Was Harriet – by Cline-Ransome- Lesson Plan

Before She Was Harriet Lesson Plan

Before She Was Harriet Lesson Plan

“Before She Was Harriet” by Lesa Cline-Ransome is a new picture book about the life of our national and classroom hero Harriet Tubman. This text is prefect for students in grades 3 to 5.  The story and its illustrations are simply beautiful, and the multidimensional character of Harriet Tubman is bound to have kids everywhere conducting additional research. “Before She Was Harriet” left everyone knowing much more about American history, the Underground Railroad, the Union Army, Jordan River, Moses, metaphors, and the list goes on.

A must read for the upcoming Women’s History Month!

Have Fun Reading!
Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.

Lesson Plan Link

Before She Was Harriet Lesson Plan

Before She Was Harriet Lesson Plan

… a wisp of a woman with the courage of a lion…

Geometry Fun in the Classroom

Geometry Lesson Plan

Geometry Lesson Plan

Geometry unit proves to be a challenging one year after year. It is the most fun, engaging, and the most difficult unit to teach. It requires students to be able to manipulate shapes in their mind, especially when they start learning about measurement and classification of 3D shapes. Are lines we can’t see still there?

For the past couple of years, I have been making a habit to start the new year with geometry unit. It allows enough time for students to immerse themselves in learning and creating shapes and angles. We are able to slow down and retract our steps if needed before the madness of testing months arrives.

3D shapes bring a special set of challenges. This year, in addition of manipulating 3D shapes in class and making our own 3D shapes with geometry challenge, we also used Quiver Education – Quiver Vision Platonic Solids augmented reality 3D shape coloring. I started off my students by allowing them to create one shape each, but they had so much fun, and we ended up printing every page available for each student.

geo-preview-2iwfd4r-tq74kwHere are some of our awesome shapes. This of course went on for more than one period. Afterwards students cut out the shape nets and made our own collection of 3D shapes. Quiver Education 3D augmented reality app will stay as a definite repeat in my class.

Have Fun with Geometry!

Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.



Barefoot World Atlas- Best Social Studies Apps

Barefoot World Atlas - Best App

Barefoot World Atlas – Best App

Barefoot World Atlas – interactive geography app – ideal for students 2 – 12. The 3D globe visuals are engaging and interactive. Students can zoom in, spin, and move the globe in any direction. So well made.

Barefoot World Atlas - Best Educational Apps

Barefoot World Atlas – Best Educational Apps

Barefoot World Atlas - Social Studies Apps

Barefoot World Atlas – Social Studies Apps

Self Regulations Strategies Journal

Impluse Control Reflection Journal

Impluse Control Reflection Journal

Self regulations skills also known as impluse control are one of the most important skills we teach in class and at home. Yet, neither parents nor teachers receive adequate training for it. Teaching impulse skills to a child who frequently calls out in class, interrupts, doesn’t finish class work, uses loud voice, doesn’t follow class routine, comes uprepared to class… often seems overwhelming. Plus, incessant correcting isn’t an option if we are to build a positive student-teacher or parent-child relationships. The underlying cause of all this behavior is impluse control. The behavior is not intentional. It is a symptom of weak self-regulation/impulse control. Teaching impluse control skills and routine is crucial for behavior change. Reading books that simply say “make better choices” will not create change. Also, a large number of impulse control books are written for the very young audience. Once out of primary years, students need to use reasoning, positive self-talk, and reflection skills, to impove their impluse control and social skills.

The Reflection Journal can be used in class and at home. Students are able to analyze their goals and areas/times of frustration. With the use of calming methods and positive self-talk, students make a record of improvement(s) and develop their plan of action. Improving self regulation is not an overnight process. The goal of reflection journal is to become a portfolio of progress over many months or even a year.

Grade level: K-5. 

Mrs. Lena, M.Ed. 

Impulse Control Reflection Journal

Impulse Control Reflection Journal







“Self Regulations Strategies Journal”

First Letters and Sounds – FREE Booklet

FREE First Letters and Sounds Booklet

FREE First Letters and Sounds Booklet

First Letters and Sounds – FREE Kindergarten Booklet – Download Link









FREE Kindergarten First Letters and Sounds Booklet

FREE Kindergarten First Letters and Sounds Booklet

FREE Writer Workshop Pack

Brainstorming Map

Brainstorming Map

FREE Writing Pack – Ideal for grades 3-6.






First Draft - Writing Workshop Elementary Grades

First Draft – Writing Workshop Elementary Grades

Revising - Writer's Workshop - Elementary Grades

Revising – Writer’s Workshop – Elementary Grades

Final Editing - Writer's Workshop Pack Elementary

Final Editing – Writer’s Workshop Pack Elementary