Barefoot World Atlas- Best Social Studies Apps

Barefoot World Atlas - Best App

Barefoot World Atlas – Best App

Barefoot World Atlas – interactive geography app – ideal for students 2 – 12. The 3D globe visuals are engaging and interactive. Students can zoom in, spin, and move the globe in any direction. So well made.

Barefoot World Atlas - Best Educational Apps

Barefoot World Atlas – Best Educational Apps

Barefoot World Atlas - Social Studies Apps

Barefoot World Atlas – Social Studies Apps


Must Have Math Apps

mq1-jpgiDevBooks – Math Apps

iDevBooks – Math Apps are a treasure to have in the classroom and at home. Students love step by step visual presentations of math procedure(s). The apps use different colors, movement, and directionality to reinforce all four operations, as well as, the order of operation. Students enjoy practicing and learning with these apps. As every teacher knows, there isn’t enough time to reteach as much as we would like to. Also, most students like to practice on their own and help from iDevBooks Math apps allows them to work and learn independently, and also reinforce their prior learning.
Anyways, I wish districts would recognize the importance of procedural math apps and make them available to students in every classroom and at home.

Top Ranking Apps for Education – “Creatures of Light”

Creatures of Light The American Museum of Natural History’s Creatures of Light exhibit is an amazing display about organisms that produce light in the deep-sea. The re-created bioluminescent environments define the light making bioluminescence, types of bioluminescent organisms and their adaptations to the life in the deep.

Simply amazing exhibit that leaves every visitor wanting to hear and see more about this natural phenomenon.

A highly engaging companion Free IPad app Creatures of Light Nature’s Bioluminescence” by the American Museum of Natural History has been already picked as the highest ranking IPad science education app for the upcoming year. The app includes a wealth of fascinating images and quality visual content.

Simply gripping!               Bioluminescence Lesson Plan for Grades 5-8