Geometry Fun in the Classroom

Geometry Lesson Plan

Geometry Lesson Plan

Geometry unit proves to be a challenging one year after year. It is the most fun, engaging, and the most difficult unit to teach. It requires students to be able to manipulate shapes in their mind, especially when they start learning about measurement and classification of 3D shapes. Are lines we can’t see still there?

For the past couple of years, I have been making a habit to start the new year with geometry unit. It allows enough time for students to immerse themselves in learning and creating shapes and angles. We are able to slow down and retract our steps if needed before the madness of testing months arrives.

3D shapes bring a special set of challenges. This year, in addition of manipulating 3D shapes in class and making our own 3D shapes with geometry challenge, we also used Quiver Education – Quiver Vision Platonic Solids augmented reality 3D shape coloring. I started off my students by allowing them to create one shape each, but they had so much fun, and we ended up printing every page available for each student.

geo-preview-2iwfd4r-tq74kwHere are some of our awesome shapes. This of course went on for more than one period. Afterwards students cut out the shape nets and made our own collection of 3D shapes. Quiver Education 3D augmented reality app will stay as a definite repeat in my class.

Have Fun with Geometry!

Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.



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