Self Regulations Strategies Journal

Impluse Control Reflection Journal

Impluse Control Reflection Journal

Self regulations skills also known as impluse control are one of the most important skills we teach in class and at home. Yet, neither parents nor teachers receive adequate training for it. Teaching impulse skills to a child who frequently calls out in class, interrupts, doesn’t finish class work, uses loud voice, doesn’t follow class routine, comes uprepared to class… often seems overwhelming. Plus, incessant correcting isn’t an option if we are to build a positive student-teacher or parent-child relationships. The underlying cause of all this behavior is impluse control. The behavior is not intentional. It is a symptom of weak self-regulation/impulse control. Teaching impluse control skills and routine is crucial for behavior change. Reading books that simply say “make better choices” will not create change. Also, a large number of impulse control books are written for the very young audience. Once out of primary years, students need to use reasoning, positive self-talk, and reflection skills, to impove their impluse control and social skills.

The Reflection Journal can be used in class and at home. Students are able to analyze their goals and areas/times of frustration. With the use of calming methods and positive self-talk, students make a record of improvement(s) and develop their plan of action. Improving self regulation is not an overnight process. The goal of reflection journal is to become a portfolio of progress over many months or even a year.

Grade level: K-5. 

Mrs. Lena, M.Ed. 

Impulse Control Reflection Journal

Impulse Control Reflection Journal







“Self Regulations Strategies Journal”


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