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FCAT Science Test Prep 5th Grade

Science 5th Grade FCAT Test Prep Booklet

What is the best time to get ready for Science Standardized Testing?

With the testing season in full force, most teachers start reflecting on their yearly test prep strategies. After all, when the results are in, we can either take credit for learning gains or use the data to improve our instruction next year.

When it comes to science and social studies, the story is much more complicated. Science and social studies testing doesn’t only test yearly growth but learning completed in prior years as well. 5th Grade science test includes content learned form 1st to 5th grade. Being that science and social studies are not taught on regular basis in public and/or charter schools, preparing students for the multi-year content exam is intense work.

What is the best time to start science exam test prep? It is the beginning of the year. Assessing prior student knowledge will provide a solid anchor where to start reteaching/refreshing of the past years content. Chances are, science knowledge mastery is all over the map, and incorporating benchmarks from prior years will be a must in effort to get students in 5th grade up to speed. The same can be said about 8th grade science exam, being that 6th and 7th grade science is dense in content.

Monthly Giveaway! – Science Test Prep Pack Giveaway

5 Lucky Winners will win! Science Test Prep Pack!

72 pages of science content
Section 1 : Complete & Incomplete Metamorphosis
Section 2 : Vertebrates & Invertebrates
Section 3 : Photosynthesis
Section 4 : Solar System
Section 5 : Continents and Oceans

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Mrs. Lena, M.Ed. 

Giveaway Ends on April 1st, 2017


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