Best Bedtime Picture Books

previewAs a mom and a first grade teacher, I know all the challenges that come with bedtime. The reality is, most kids don’t like to go to sleep. Life is too interesting! Still, lack of sleep makes it for tough days. “Bedtime for Buzzy” by T.J. Hackworth does an amazing job of not saying “go to bed” but having characters explain that the importance of good night sleep. The Moon Man, Captain Pete, Giant Dinosaur, and the Courageous Explorer are perfect characters. The author sends Buzzy off to bed with a task of finding the City of Gold in his dreams. The clever storyline is complemented with awesomely intricate illustrations. This is a definite reread!

21827911-_sx540_Another bedtime favorite is the “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. As in “Bedtime for Buzzy”, kids are able to wind down by saying goodnight to all the things in the room. Again, the detailed illustrations and tracking of the tiny mouse are the most interesting activities for kids ages 4-7.

We can’t have a best bedtime book list without “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. Harold like Buzzy has trouble settling for bed, goes on all kinds of adventures, then he finds the Moon, draws a window around it, and finds his bed.

tumblr_m6skdfskfx1rzdm6ao1_400There is nothing better than story time. Often bedtime routines seem never ending. Still the importance of reading and good night sleep pay off tremendously in the long run.

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.


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