What We Are Reading…

27075122-_uy200_It’s February, the stress of testing is here. Daily class reading provides a refreshing break from it all. We have been working through a number of novels. Here are the reviews…

“Hour of the Bees” by Lindsay Eagar – This amazing coming of age book with themes of family, identity, loss, passage of time, and sibling relations is a sure hit. Beautifully written and funny. “Hour of the Bees” should have been the Newbery Award Winner of 2017.

2. “The Breadwinner” by Deborah Ellis – This books along with “Return to Sender” by Julia Alvarez has been a popular read in these past few weeks. Students are curious about what is taking place in the world. What is the difference between an immigrant and a refugee? How do people become refugees and why do they leave their countries? “The Breadwinner” is an ideal book for upper elementary students who are learning about world history and current world affairs.

“The Breadwinner” Novel Guide – Lesson Plan

“Return to Sender” Novel Guide – Lesson Plan

Have Fun Reading!

Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.







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