Growth Mindset Books for Children

712-owscyhlPresently, two of my favorite books about the growth mindset are Rosie Revere, Engineer” by Andrea Beaty and “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” by Gary Rubinstein. The kids love these two books. Rosie in Rosie Revere, Engineer” is one of the most charming picture book characters. She is not only extremely believably clever little girl, but she is beautifully drawn and her ideas were brought to life by David Robert’s amazing illustrations. Simply a work of art. I still can’t decide which is better, the illustrations or the plot. Rosie is creative but haunted by doubt and fear of ridicule. It takes Aunt Rose’s dream and encouragement to propel Rosie past discouragement.

“Rosie Revere, Engineer” Lesson Plan – click here.

On the other hand, “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” was painfully paralyzed with fear of making mistakes that learning that making mistakes are a part of life and fun, actually helped her be a happier person.

We all have little perfectionists in our classrooms. They are smart and they know it. Yet, the feeling of being smart and desire to hold on to that can prevent academic and personal growth, as well as, growth mindset. I have been coaching a growth mindset in my classroom for years, and now there is a term for it.

“The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” Lesson Plan – click here. 

“The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” is available on


Happy Teaching!

Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.


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