Best Back to School Books

Back to School Lesson Plans

Back to School Lesson Plans

Well, we are already back. This summer had flown by, but it was fun. By now, all teachers are back to work, and students are coming back soon as well. I have come up with the favorite first day -first week of school book list. Here are some all time favorites!

1. Wemberly Worried – by Kevin Henkes
Wemberly, the mouse, worries about everything, little things and big things, real things and imaginary things (well who is to say). Kids love Wemberly cause she is so real and believable. The first day/week of school is stressful and worrisome. Wemberly is an awesome book about human emotions. Love it!

2. Chrysanthemum – by Kevin Henkes
Another amazing book by Henkes. Kids love Kevin Henkes books. Chrysanthemum is bullied at school because of her name. Why I love this book as a teacher? As a teacher I know that in every class there is a possibility of negative dynamics. So, teaching and encouraging positive behavior and teaching kindness is perhaps the most important classroom management tool.

3. What If Everybody Did That? by Javernick
What If Everybody Did That?” is becoming the most read book during the first week of class. What I love about this book is not only that it teaches common courtesy and classroom rules, but students can clearly understand that most of the rules are in place to prevent accidents and promote safety for all students.

4. How I Spent My Summer Vacation – by Teague
Ok, I love Texas, and the kids, they think that cowboys are the most adventurous people on earth. This book is a great ice breaker during the first week of school. It is funny and engaging. It teaches creativity. It is ideal writing prompt resource. Just done right.


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