Reading Comprehension Prep -App

Unknown.pngReading Comprehension Prep – by Peekaboo Studios

Being that this year my students are taking the computer based reading comprehension state examination, and we only have daily access to iPads in our classroom, having access to the Reading Comprehension app by Peekaboo was super useful.
It’s not only that the app has a number of fiction and non-fiction articles for students that I found grade appropriate, the way that the app is set up mirrors exactly the format of the FSA (Florida State Assessment) portal.

The post reading comprehension questions got the students into the habit of going back to the text and look for text based evidence. This sounds simple, but in practice, it took many tries for this practice to become a habit. Going back to the text to find the answer and to double check accuracy of our answers has increased not only our test scores but our reading comprehension skills, which will benefit students for years to come.

The practice and readings in this app provided text based information practice, supported our work on reading comprehension skills and provided needed computer based practice for the FSA.

Will use this app again next year.

Happy Teaching,
Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.




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