Signs of Learning Disability

monster-1365593_960_720Most Frequent Signs of Learning Disability:

Short Attention Span
Difficulty focusing
Difficulty following direction
Difficulty with sequence
Difficulty with predicting
Difficulty with organization
Difficulty recalling information
Difficulty with directionality
Difficulty with reversibility
Poor handwriting
Difficulty understanding words and concepts

What is important to note about learning disability that every child manifests a set of these signs in his/her own way. Some students develop their own coping skills to manage their difficulties, while others are perpetually overwhelmed. Nonetheless, they all need special one-on-one instruction and ongoing tutoring. Using visual aids to increase comprehension and retention is a paramount. Still only an experienced teacher can customize individualized instruction.

The 2 most common learning disabilities are Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

Dyslexia – language disability

1. Students with dyslexia have trouble understanding meaning of the text and lack the ability to connect their learning to other content areas/life.

2. Students with dyslexia have difficulty understanding questions and following directions.

3. They have difficulty spelling, direction, sequence, and organizing written assignments.

Dyscalculia –  math disability

Students with dyscalculia have difficulty in following areas:

Lack number sense
Lack knowledge of basic math operations
Difficulty with direction
Difficulty with math word problems
Difficulty with sequence and instruction
Difficulty with mental math
Difficulty visualizing number line, geometric shapes, parts of numbers, etc.

Presently, there is no test for dyscalculia. Despite the fact that it is just as common as Dyslexia.


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