Sports Math – Effective Teaching Practices

coverThird grade is major for kids grasping the 4 operations (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction). It really is the foundation for everything else they will learn in math. It needs to become automatic and we need to provide intense practice just as we do in reading. The present approach of allowing children to make their own algorithm and reach the conclusion in a slow and laborious way has caused much controversy. When it comes to math, 4 operations need to be automatic, otherwise when it’s time to move on to long division, the shaky number sense foundation will pull all the stops on effective learning.

Sports Math provides perfect math practice, since it allows students to practice all 4 operations through engaging word problems. In addition, to solve word problems students will use deductive reasoning, logic and analysis.

Ideal for in class practice, post lesson engagement, or homework.

Happy Teaching!
Mrs. Lena, M. Ed.


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