Considering Montessori Education?

1. Montessori is for all children. Well, not so much. Montessori is great for the very young. In Montessori classrooms you will find little dishes, stations, and plenty of space to move around.
As children get older, tea sets are abandoned and moving around becomes awkward in a class of 20 students. In Montessori classroom, students still conduct a regular school day, but they sit on the floor with their binders on the lap, hunched. It doesn’t call for a posture healthy day. And no, the older students do not get to move around as much as their parents would like to believe. They sit on the carpet and take notes.

2. Montessori schools are religious. False. In fact, a growing trend of charter schools is Montessori. Parents would do anything to try something new if the public school setting didn’t work, and a new montessori charter seems like a good option, but is it? The lack of personal space for your child, the absence of proper desks is enough to make you look elsewhere for options. Different does not mean better. For the most part, it is the same approach minus the desks.

3. Students learn better in a multiage classroom. False. From years of experience, I can vouch that the multi-age approach fails both students and teachers once children are past the age of 7. There is simply too much content to cover for one age group let alone two. The students on the lower side of the split are the ones who reap the most benefit of the multiage instruction. Yet, both age groups spend valuable instructional time waiting for the teacher to instruct the other grade. Montessori simply does not hold up when it comes to best practices of instructional and learning time.

4. Montessori is progressive and superior. False. Montessori is simply out of date. Perhaps back in the day, when schools did not have enough students, Montessori was an option, but in this age of testing and teacher performance pressures, it simply doesn’t make the passing grade.


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