– Educational Tech Tools For Today’s Classroom K-12


Three years ago, computer engineers Adam Blum, Vlad Tarasov and Lars Burgess were working at a company that was sold to another company that was then sold to a third company.  It is a familiar story, but the three colleagues did something very different afterwards: they started the world’s largest resource library for K-12 teachers!
Adam had a son who was struggling with his 9th grade curriculum and the transition to high school, but the boy could focus for hours when watching videos and playing video games.  The obvious answer to improve his studies (and morale) was to find videos and games that aligned to his high school curriculum.  There were educational resources in the thousands and millions out there, but it was very hard to find any that were aligned to his teacher’s textbook, lesson plan, and the emerging Common Core standards that California was starting to adopt.
That was the genesis of OpenEd.  As the name implies, it started as an open educational library.  The team talked to many publishers and, one step at a time, created the largest collection of resources for K-12 teachers that exists today. And the word is spreading – over 125,000 teachers are now using to help their students reach their goals.
Recently, OpenEd has added a few more goodies for teachers:
Assessments for every Common Core standard!
Assessments with videos and games associated, so a student who gets a problem wrong will automatically be assigned helpful next steps.
Premium Assessments.  The vast majority of resources on OpenEd are and will always be free, but OpenEd now offers premium assessments from Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and others for $9.95 per month.  This is an optional plan; teachers are encouraged and more than welcome to stick with the free version.
Lesson Plans for many Prentice Hall textbooks.
Automatic grading of assessments and homework, and population of results in a mastery chart.


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