The Real Cost of Community College

graduation-cap-311248__180“Community colleges are the launchpad for opportunity for all Americans”.

Yes, for the 15 % of students who complete a degree. No, for the rest 85% of students. We are just letting the rest fail. From a practical stand point, community colleges should be closed until they produce better results. Just like every publicly funded school in the country, publicly funded community colleges should be held to an achievement standard. Our teachers go through rigorous evaluation process. Their effectiveness is measured by the student achievement. Why don’t we hold the community college instructors to the same standard? Unlike their public school counterparts, community college instructors have no obligation to support their students in helping them succeed. In so many ways, successfully attending a community college is harder than attending the traditional four year university. Community college students get the least support from their schools, yet they are the ones who need it the most.
It is amazing how unsuccessful community colleges are. If your child attends one, odds are against him/her. For all the talk about it being the “launch pad”, it does not live up to the promise of opportunity. It is much more likely to realize in the form of a debt burden and wasted time.
Anyhow, do whatever you can to keep your students out of it.

For a bunch of shocking facts go to:
Community College FAQs:


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