Choosing Online Tutoring

owl computerOnline tutoring platforms. Wow, there seems to be a new one every day. Tutoring business is massive, profits are even greater. Every platform promises to give your child what they need. They are the best. The most successful. You want your child to succeed? Quickly sign your kid up for an online tutoring session with a college student, who is not a teacher, has no knowledge of learning methods or ways to go about effectively assessing the gaps in knowledge and applying differentiated instruction. Ok, perhaps you get a person with a degree. Still, not everyone can teach. Having a degree does not make anyone a teacher.
Anyways, before you fall for falsely proclaimed “success” and spend $30 – $60/h for ineffective instruction which really only wastes your money and your child’s time, do exhaust free resources online. Khan Academy is a good starting point. site has thousands of resources free and/or very affordable lesson options.
After giving it your best, if you still need an actual teacher to coach your child, a good starting point is, all their tutors are certified teachers with experience. They specialize in differentiated math & reading instruction, special education, and test prep. What I especially like about Decode Learning is that for every paid session, they give away a free session to a child in need. Also, explore your community after school academic programs, and beware of the “guaranteed success”. Chances are, blank statements of success are just unsubstantiated claims without any actual proof.
Reality is that most students need academic support in and out of school. Academic tutoring is an ongoing need, which makes the investment of money and time so much more important.


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