Awesome Educational Kickstarter Project – The Pancake Menu

pancakeI love #ThePancakeMenu Kickstarter campaign. This is a project worth backing. It’s perfect for the very young who are learning about money and the older ones learning about decimals, fractions, division, multiplication and carry over. As a parent and a teacher, I have seen kids grasp the sense of numbers so much quicker when thinking in terms of money. Every time without fail if a student gets stuck during computation I tell them to think in terms of money. It always works. Anyway, The Pancake Menu is an awesome idea and it can be used at home and in the classroom (it’s common core aligned). It’s engaging and multi-sensory! Kids will not even realize that they are developing all kinds of math skills through this game. I am sure that my 6 year old will love this. To back this project, go to

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