Why I like Grinch…

houseThe holiday season is stressful for many, especially teachers who are daily immersed in classrooms in which they know that Santa will not be visiting a number of their students. “Santa comes if you are good, right”, they often ask. Really? Yet, that is what every Santa songs says on the radio. Most of the kids believe in Santa and we all agree that the belief is magical. But what happens when the belief in Santa has negative consequences? Even very young kids have deductive reasoning skills. Something is amiss.
This is why I like Grinch. Not because he is moody, creepy and selfish, but because he teaches kids that Christmas does not come from a store. It means a whole lot more. The gift is a symbol of God’s love, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or big.

On another note, the most searched book and lesson plan on my site this season has been “Fly Away Home” by Eve Bunting, and I know in fact that many teachers talk about giving this season. To all of you who face similar reality, I want to say “Thank You”. Teaching students about giving is ultimately worth so much more than any present from a store.

Merry Christmas!
Lena, M. Ed.




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