Great Read – Alouds – November 10-14th – National Young Readers Week

Penny and Her MarbleNovember 10-14th – National Young Readers Week

“Penny and Her Marble” by Kevin Henkes makes a great read aloud for grades PK – 2. Penny is loved by both boys and girls. I don’t want to give the story away, but if you have read any of Kevin Henkes book before, you might guess that this book has a very good character building lesson for the kids. It is great for building reading comprehension skills and critical thinking.

It’s simply awesome and kids love it!

Enjoy Shared Reading!

Subject Area: Language Arts
Interest Level: K-2
Developing Readers (level J-K)
Genre : Realistic Fiction
Topics: Honesty, Conflicting Feelings, Character

For “Penny and Her Marble Lesson Plan” go to : Penny and Her Marble Lesson Plan


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