“The Contract : Derek Jeter” – A Must Have

“The Contract: Derek Jeter”

When I heard from Simon & Schuster a couple of day ago about The Contract by Derek Jeter!”, I was ready to get in my car and go buy this book for my son right away. What a perfect book for all boys who are crazy about baseball, my son is one of them. Plus, Jeter is his hero. Not sure if anyone can ever take Jeter’s spot. Ever. Every little leaguer should read this. This book is written for boys, unlike many other sports books which are either too informational and disconnected or written for adults.
In “The Contract: Derek Jeter”, Jeter discusses 10 life lessons for achieving your dreams, setting goals, finding role models, enduring “daddy coaches” decisions, thinking before acting,…
Just a perfect read.

What I love about Jeter as a parent of a child who incessantly plays sports all year around is his positive attitude and long term outlook. Before I had my own children I never imagined the politics that go into sports management of young athletes. There are times, when competition be it real or imaginary gets the worst out of people. For all good reasons, “The Contract” is going to be a definite re-read and discussion topic for the next few months.

Lena M. Ed.


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