5 Ways to Make Your Back To School Night a Success

backtoschool nightCurriculum Night

Curriculum Night also know as Back to School Night or Meet the Teacher Night takes place in September and for parents with young children it is a night of both excitement and worry. Most schools hold the curriculum night this week.

5 Ways for Making your Curriculum Night a Success

1. Make the parents feel welcome!

Introduce yourself. Meet the families. Parents are your biggest allies.
If you make them feel welcome they are more likely to be supportive of
students academic progress.

2. Introduce Yourself

Parents want to know you. Who are you and what is your experience with young children? Do you have the patience that is required? Can you provide teaching instruction that their child needs? Can you make your students feel safe and welcome?
Make it easy for parents to get in touch with you.

3. Explain your expectations

Explain the type of learning that your students will master during the year. For kindergarten and grade 1, major learning will be in reading and math. Provide parents with strategies they can use to support their children.

Make sure that each parent leaves with the packet of printed material for later reference (with relevant school procedures, drop off and pick up times, homework guidelines, your e-mail and phone number, and other pertinent info.)

4. Allow parents to volunteer in the classroom (field-trips, school activities, etc.)

This is a big one. Letting parents into the classroom is beneficial to all.

5. Explain the ways parents can help their children learn to read.

Parents will ask you questions about reading. They want to know how to help teach their kids. Whatever you do, do know tell them that reading “just happens” because it doesn’t. A handout with helpful tips will help. Be ready to provide ongoing reading support throughout the year.

Parents Night – Curriculum Night – Early Reader Support Guide 



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