Prep School and Gifted Testing – App

cogatprepCogatPrep app by Atreya Technologies is an assessment test app administered to primary and secondary students and used by specialized and private schools to assess students’ giftedness and academic ability. CogatPrep is one of the only apps of its kind. Its format and the ability to review completed work and receive feedback is a great tool for students, teachers and parents.
CogatPrep is ideal for presenting the type of questions students will be given. Getting comfortable with intelligence tests, which are unlike anything students have encountered in regular schooling, is important for both students and parents. At the same time, it makes the assessment more accurate.
CogatPrep is highly recommended for students who are getting ready for assessment, who are building their problem solving skills, or the gifted who will find this app challenging and entertaining.
In the long run, all student should be exposed to this type of thinking and assessment. The app tests problem solving, spatial reasoning, analogies, verbal and non verbal cognition, etc.

Highly recommended,

Lena M. Ed.



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