Rating System for Universities and Colleges ?

GraduationThe college presidents are appalled that the President is calling for a government rating system for nations institutions of higher education. In fact, no it’s not going to be as easy as “rating a blender” as Jamienne Studley, a deputy at the Education Department stated, but some sort of a system is badly needed. Parents and students need to know pros and cons of institutions. Most parents would assume that attending a community college, which is easier to get into than state university, should be easier to graduate from, but they are simply being naive. Community colleges are notorious for providing no support while demanding intense workload. Without appropriate support, students fail. Community colleges have a 30% graduation rates. If schools are to take federal money through student aid, they need to be accountable in providing appropriate guidance to students. School that provide most guidance have the highest graduation rates. This is not a casual correlation. This is hard data. Compare any prestigious school to a state university or a community college. The disparity in graduation rates is astounding. As New York Times accurately pointed out, “ Mr. Obama and his aides say colleges and universities that receive a total of $150 billion each year in federal loans and grants must prove they are worth it. The problem is acute, they insist: At too many schools, tuition is going up, graduation rates are going down, and students are leaving with enormous debt and little hope of high-paying jobs.” I want my students and kids to go to well run schools that will equip them with skills and knowledge that they need to enter and survive the workforce. Also, after years of schooling and professional training, I want them to be paid well enough to have a decent job and future. The problem is not solely in soaring tuition, but in job preparation and employment. In essence, schools that don’t provide needed student graduation support are not serving the needs of American people. They are working against our students and society as a whole.


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