Best Math Apps – Operation Math

Operation Math AppThe common core requires automatic knowledge of time tables by the end of grade 3, and I believe that by the age of 9 students would benefit greatly from knowing time tables. The automaticity of time tables greatly increases students’ ability and cognition. However, the truth is, most students don’t master time tables by the end of grade 3. Half of students are still shaky on time tables in grade 6. This causes learning and problem solving process to slow down, and then we have to go back to relearning basic operations. Basic operations never go away, and most students take few years to actually cement the knowledge of time tables. For the past two weeks I have been using Operation Math with 5th and 6th graders for the review of operations and practice. Both boys and girls even used it on their own. It’s perfect for students in grades 3 & Up.

For the app download go to:


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