Common Core Kindergarten Math Stumps Dad with Ph.D.

owl cc -jpegI came across “Common Core Kindergarten Math Homework Stumps Dad With Ph.D.” For the original article go to . I think we all had this moment when our kids went to kindergarten and came home with homework that had us question what exactly are their school days like.subtraction-stories-worksheet-sent-by-anonymous-reader The reality is, this type of teaching, “discovery math” didn’t start with common core. This has been a practice for decades now. The common core standards are matched to make it easier for teachers to checkmark their objectives and benchmarks. This is the type of math work Houghton Mifflin and Pearson create for K-12 students. These worksheets are created to make kids dislike math. I came across a 2nd grader who was completing a JUMP Math sheet where time was taught on a number line. Needless to say, time always needs to be presented in a round, cyclical manner. Timeline? Really? This should be avoided especially with remedial math material like JUMP Math. Anyways, anyone who went to school of education was surely required to take a learning theory class and would know that kindergartners are not curriculum writers and being that they are in the pre-operational stage of development, they are highly unlikely to mentally reverse operations, which makes this type of worksheet developmentally inadequate and invalid since it doesn’t measure child’s mathematical knowledge. Unfortunately, these types of teaching practices are widely accepted and go unquestioned.

Lena, M. Ed. – Curriculum & Instruction


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