Dexteria Dots – Get In Touch with Math – App

Dexteria DotsDexteria Dots – Get in Touch with Math app should become a common core math app in each classroom. It’s an essential Number Sense game for all K-3 and exceptional students in higher grades. Through the presentation of dot pattern visuals, student builds intuitive grasp of numbers and their quantities. What I especially liked about this app is the way a dot gets bigger as a student adds and smaller as subtraction takes place. Children who struggle with math due to dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism or other learning disability have trouble recognizing patterns in addition, number place value and its relative size/quantities and would greatly benefit from Dexteria Dots math building skills. The patterns of dots visually present the information as a student adds and subtracts. The multi-sensory approach increases comprehension and retention of number facts, which are basis of all maths. The game is highly engaging, dynamic and has visuals that appeal to all ages.

iTunes is now offering App Bundles of Dexteria Apps, at much lower.  If you already have already purchased one of the bundle apps, the App Store will automatically adjust the pricing using the “Complete My Bundle” feature.

Dexteria Apps

Highly recommended!

Lena, M. Ed. 🙂

– Have Fun Teaching –

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