LetterReflex- Letter Reversal and Directionality App


The web is flooded with special education materials. From strange talking frogs, which promise to make your child better at math to almost too cute little people. Visual presentation for the want to be overwhelmed. Special education students or any student who needs additional help in any given area, don’t need the unneeded visuals. All the extra actually takes away from student’s comprehension. A major problem area with dyslexic and other students who struggle with English and math is directionality. In kindergarten and first grade, almost all kids reverse their letters. In the early stages, the reversal is normal. With practice, reversibility is resolved with traditional learners. But with the students with special needs, reversibility will spill into mathematics as well. It will show in reversal of numbers to confusion in subtraction, carrying, addition, division. Students will special needs struggle so much with directionality. It greatly impairs their progress and makes learning hard work.

I make letter reversal sheets and the more students practice identifying and writing letters that they confuse, the more learning becomes imbedded into long term memory. A couple of days ago I came across LetterReflex app, which is an ideal early reader, letter reversal, directionality teaching app. Through games, students practice creating similar looking letters, such as, p,b,d,q; flipping numbers 3,6,9, making words, making words and letters, distinguishing left from right through a tilting game, etc. The visuals are clear, 3 dimensional, and hands on. Along with the voice over, Reflex app uses multisensory teaching approach.Perfect app that helps students from kindergarten and up.

LetterReflex App https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/letterreflex-overcoming-letter/id485920074?mt=8

Happy Teaching!
Lena, M.Ed.

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