High School Dropout Crisis

infograph“The debate about education reform is a lot about process,” said David Sciarra, executive director of the Educational Law Center in Newark, an advocacy group for disadvantaged students. “To a large extent it is a huge distraction. We never get to the question of what resources we need to get the students to meet the standards.” 

                     “In Public Education, Edge Still Goes to the Rich”     NYTimes

The debate about education reform is a lot about process as David Sciatta noted. Teachers, educators, policy makers, parents, everyone is debating the validity of common core. I personally, every once in a while, get a politically charged comment on the merit of common core and whether or not I should support it. The bottom line is, our kids are going to be tested on common core and if we want them to succeed academically, we need to follow the curriculum. I am an educator who want kids to do well, graduate, and do well in life. 

The common core debate is really a distraction. The real question is when are we going to have adequate resources and teacher training? What can we learn from common core? What are challenges that students are facing? How can we change our instruction to improve outcomes? What goes so wrong in middle school that we have so many high school drop outs? Lets talk about real questions. How do we help kids graduate? What goes so wrong with our curriculum and instruction in middle school? 

 Source: Education Week, Children Trends Database  4/2013

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