Education Disrupted

Our K-12 system is broken, and no amount of $199 tablets or laptops can fix it.  K-12 schools spend $17 billion per year on instructional materials and technology. Wow! How much do we spend on teacher development? Free lunch programs? Reduced lunches?

We can keep throwing money at tablets and commercial curriculum companies, but in the end, there will be no significant progress. Nope. There will be no progress without adequate curriculum. And don’t let them sell you on tailored curriculum. It will be more of the same. Shallow, unleveled, reference like instructional material. Tablets simply cannot replace teacher assessment. It will make a student repeat the problem 10 times until he/she gets it correctly, but the kids ultimately resent such software.

Engineers and designers sure make trendy looking apps, but the lack of depth and usability make it a huge waste of classroom time.

1 out of 5 kids in America come to school hungry. This is of course from the stats that we know. The unreported number is much bigger. How about Tech Giants and Federal Grants solve the basic “food on the table” problem. Let’s get from point A to point B first. Disrupt hunger.

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