Common Core Test Scores Sink!


The panic is here. The test scores have sunk! Students across the board have shown decreased performance on state testing aligned with common core standards. So, what is the problem? The main problem is that we are looking at testing/assessment completely wrong. Tests were put in place for teachers to evaluate their instructional performance. It was not meant to stress the students out. It was not meant to define students’ future. If students have not been given sufficient instruction on skills that they needed to reach satisfactory performance, then it is instructional deficiency. And why would we change the curriculum in very fundamental ways and expect immediate results? It is simply unrealistic. Is it a concern that it makes elected officials look bad? No. The common core are standards for a long haul, which are supposed to have some growing pains, but show promising results in the long run.

Testing simply has to stop being our only mark of performance. It would be great if teachers can focus on teaching and students on learning. As long as education is controlled by non-educators and led by politicians, our education will suffer.

On the final note. Mr. Thompson, is wrong in his opinion that nothing has been accomplished. Educators can learn a lot about analyzing the test scores and problem areas. There is a lesson learned from every bit of educational information regardless of its success.

New York Times

Grade 3 Math Common Core

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