Teach Computer Coding This Summer

coding for studentsTeachers and schools are getting ready for full implementation of common core standards throughout the nation. This includes training, new curriculum, and assessment. There is a lot of discussion over the challenges of common core and affects on vocational course offerings. Does college ready equal job ready? What about students who want to pursue a trade? How is Germany being so successful in their training of specialized engineer? We have a massive and diverse student population. There is simply no simple answer. Really, we need to have a more comprehensive plan. More choices for students. We need actual jobs for the graduates regardless of their schooling. Both vocational graduates and college graduates need employment. All the while, we dismiss the reality.

The jobs we do have in this country are technology jobs. By 2020, there will be 1 million more technology jobs than students. Millions of dollars spent on technology in education, yet only 10% of schools have computer programming classes. The lonely 10% is offered to college students. Needless to say, students should be introduced to coding way before college level. Eight year olds can learn how to program the introductory turtle program.

Visit Code.org and start learning/teaching code today.



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