Flipping Classroom in Your First Year of Teaching

Flipping Classroom in Your First Year of Teaching

flipped Most people who are teachers and/or parents have already heard of the flipped classroom concept. The idea is that instead of sitting in a teacher led lecture in the classroom, students watch a lecture video at home on their PC or a tablet, and when they go to school the next day they already have completed a quiz/questions and are ready to finish mastering the concepts.

Flipping can be done for all subjects, but it is most intensely used for mathematics. In essence, flipping the classroom is having students work ahead. I have had bright students who learn different do this for years now, but really, working ahead by being introduced to a concept prior to the class time allows students to sort their learning and it makes it easier for the teacher to assess the gaps in understanding.

For a first year, fifth grade teacher, flipped classroom for math and language arts is an amazing time saver. As a new teacher, you’ll have to learn that children all have different learning styles and flipped classroom will shorten the time of your reteaching response, which is crucial for learning and instruction. It cuts your assessment time in half and increases the likelihood of content mastery for all students.

The main question when it comes to actually implementing the flipped classroom is which type of media resources will you use. Will they be made by the teacher or someone else? Do they align with your state benchmarks and do they provide adequate instruction?  And of course, what type of post assessment is provided.

Flipped Learning Network is a good starting point. https://flippedlearning.eduvision.tv/default.aspx

Good luck flipping!

Lena, M. Ed.

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