Learn to Read App – Apps for Early Readers

montessori app              Apps for early readers are great tools for introducing letters, sounds, and writing,   but not all apps are created equally. Some are simply better than others.When I look at the apps for kindergartners I look for the educational quality of the app.

Does it teaches early reading skills (letter recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness)?

Is it visually appealing?

How engaged do kindergartners become while using it?

Do they go back to the app on their own?

The 1st pick for Early Reader Apps is “Montessori Crosswords”

 This app presents visual instructions for the students and it starts with easy CVC letters, such as, bun, cat, dog. The child can tap the letter, hear the sound, which builds his/her phonemic awareness, which helps build writing and spelling skills.

The burst of stars, circles,hearts, and leafs after the word completion is a hit.

I also liked how the app creators used color of letters to aid reading and letter learning.

The “Montessori Crosswords” is a comprehensive app for early readers. It allows the child to learn basic three-letter words, practice their spelling of words with different word families, the “focus on any sound” lets the child or teacher pick the sound for practice (short and long vowels, and other sounds), along with the movable alphabet where children can practice spelling names, words they know, and/or the teacher can assess students alphabet knowledge. For older students in grades 1 and 2, crossword puzzle is really fun.

To view more info go to https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/montessori-crosswords-spelling/id384334005?mt=8

Lena M. Ed.


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