Best Multiplication Apps For Kids

Awesome Learning Apps

Multiplication Apps

These apps are really great learning tools. For all the students trying to master multiplication and long division here are some amazing tech tools:

AppTutorMultiplication1. AppTutor G3M – Multiplication App 

The only actual multiplication learning app so far.

An abundance of visual explanation, which present information in different ways, serving different learning style and increasing knowledge retention.

This app is just perfect for students working on mastering multiplication.

AppTutorG4M2. AppTutor G4M 

This app is ideal of 4th grade students mastering long multiplication (multiplication of multiple digits). The app enables students to learn multiplication process step by step.

Learning long multiplication takes practice and AppTutor G4M provides it. I am yet to see elementary software to be this good.

Excellent app!

 Multi are my friends3. Multiplications Are My Friends 

Kids learn multiplication facts through matching game,

Tic Tac Toe multiplication game, Quiz, Image Game,

Multiplication Grid – to learn and test,

& Calculator Game

The best thing about “Multiplications Are My Friends” is that it engages students through games and replaces the drill and kill with fun.

Even better, no stressful timers for the kids.


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