Best Learning Math App Out There – Grade 4

Educational research points to the 4th grade slump. It is a big year when the skills learned converge with the new skills that at times seem overwhelming to many students. It goes for both, reading and math. Students are presented with a much more complex material, vocabulary they never heard of, text formats they are yet to process. And then there is math. Students who didn’t master fundamentals of number sense, really feel the pressure in 4th grade. The complexity of curriculum simply does not give any more time to basic operations deficiencies. We all struggle in 4th grade, even students who do well are trying to keep up. But teachers and students who need to catch up, go through a maze of trying and re-trying of teaching methods and techniques to help students catch up and master both old and new skills.

Technology has not been very helpful when it comes to math class. Almost all apps are testing apps. Plus they are timed. And to a student who is struggling with math concepts, a timed math app is just another pressure situation he/she don’t want to take. On the other hand, students who have mastered the skills are quickly bored with the sole drill of most math apps.

So in my search to help my students, I went on another web adventure in search of math app that can not only test them, but teach them math skills. I need math concepts to be presented in a visual way and in different ways.

I came across AppTutor G4M, which is an actual learning app. This specific AppTutor G4M is a math app for grade 4. The app content is aligned with the Common Core Standards (which will be greatly appreciated by teachers), and it teaches, provides practice, and tests:

 terms and patterns,


word problems,

long multiplication,

word problems and variables,

and it provides flash cards for practice,

a scratch pad (so no pen or paper needed),

worksheets, which a parent or teacher can print or e-mail for additional practice and explanations,

plus all the information is presented in a visual way that enhances cognitive performance and knowledge retention.

This app is simply amazing!

It’s great for both school and home.

For more info go to

Have fun with math!

Lena, M. Ed.


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