Why Kids Love Robert Munsch Stories?

Robert Munsch stories are perfect for students in grades K-2. In kindergarten kids laugh hysterically to reading of Musch stories and reenact the story lines which increase readers’ comprehension, while the early readers (in grades 1 & 2) repeat the enthusiasm of the kindergarteners while building their reading skills of reading comprehension, decoding, and fluency. Munsch stories are written on the level of a second grade reader, text is properly chunked witch allows for easy decoding of words. 


Why teachers think that stories by Robert Munsch are ideal for the classroom use?

 Robert Munsch stories are circular stories. They finish where they started, making a full circle. There is a lot of repetition, sequencing, and story interconnectedness. Robert Munsch paces his stories in such artful way, which makes for an easy transition between a reader, every day life, and story comprehension. 

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