Dear America: With the Might of Angels -by Andrea Davis Pinkney

 Level Equivalent: 4.5                               
Lexile Measure: 740L
Genre: Diaries and Journals, Historical Fiction, Series
Subject: Changes and New Experiences, Civil Rights Movement, School Life, Discrimination, Prejudice, Tolerance, Fairness

Summary: It’s 1954 and Dawnie Rea Johnson, a twelve year old girl, is enjoying life with her family in the segregated town of Hadley, Virginia. On May 17th of 1954, the Supreme Court’s decision to ban school segregation changed Johnson’s family forever. Being one of the highest academically achieving children in her school, Dawnie is given an opportunity to be one of the first students to attend an all-white school in town. The school integration not only proved to be hard for Dawnie but it split the community apart while it  challenged the status quo of discrimination, segregation, and prejudice.
“With the Might of Angels” by Andrea Davis Pinknet is the diary of Dawnie Rae Johnson in which she pens down her dreams, wishes, and worries. Through Dawnie’s story students learn of challenges and triumphs as experienced by someone their own age, American history as it really happened, and true meaning of discrimination, prejudice, and hostility.

For “Dear America: With the Might of Angels” Lesson Plan go to:

Extended Readings: “Through My Eyes” by Ruby Bridges – an autobiography by a pioneer of the school integration and a Civil Rights icon, Ruby Bridges. For the “Through My Eyes” lesson plan go to:


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