Educating Oppositional And Defiant Children – Classroom Management

Educating Oppositional and Defiant Children” by Hall, Franklin, and Hall is a must have for every teacher. Oppositional and defiant children are not necessarily aggressive or violent, but they are likely to be disruptive and/or non-cooperative in the classroom setting, have trouble controlling their reactions, lack healthy communication and self control skills.

Unlike other text on classroom management, “Educating Oppositional and Defiant Children” recognizes that the techniques of behavioral modification through traditional rewards and punishment simply don’t work with oppositional and defiant children. Yet, the goal is to find a instructional method that works for the child and to make the teacher-student relationship productive.

“Educating Oppositional and Defiant Children” provides constructive techniques for “engineering the environment”, routines, promoting communication and trust, and much more. This book is a great guide for both teachers and parents.

Highly Recommended! 

Lena M. Ed.

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