Kira- Kira by Cynthia Kadohata – Grades 6 -8

Subject Areas: Language Arts, U.S. History 
Interest Level: Grade 6 – Grade 8
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.8
Lexile® measure: 740L
Guided Reading: X
Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Topics: Immigration,
Japanese American,
Prejudice and Tolerance
Death, Grief, and Loss
Siblings, Prejudice and Tolerance

Summary: Newbery Medal Winner, “Kira-Kira” is an amazing coming of age novel for teens. It chronicles a life of Japanese-American girl Katie, who at the age of 5 leaves her care-free life in Iowa to move to Georgia with her family. The story takes place in 1950s, and as a result, Katie and her family encounter an abundance of discrimination, racism, exploitation, etc. Despite all their struggle, Lynn and Katie find kira-kira, which means glittering in Japanese, in their life. A heart breaking story of hardship, loss, and optimism.

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