New Early Reader Series – by Mo Willems

An Elephant & Piggie Book Series – by Mo Willems

        Summer Reading for Early Readers

For all reluctant and early readers in Kindergarten and First Grade, there is a new series that is more liked than Dr. Seuss books ( I know that this might be hard to believe, but it’s kid tested).

An Elephant & Piggie Book series by Mo Willems is the ideal set of early reader books.
Here are the reasons:

1. There is actually a story line (a really funny and engaging story line).

2. Reluctant readers and boys will every time want to try to read this series.

3. There is no made up words.

4. It’s filled with sight words, which improves fluency and reading comprehension.

5. The stories teach inference to young readers through the content that they can read on their own.

6. It’s all you need and extra.

Some of the series titles are:                         

“I Broke My Trunk”, “Can I Play Too?”, “I Am Going!”…

If your child likes the Elephant and Piggie Series, you should check out

“Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late” by Mo Willems.

Happy Reading!!!!


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