Wemberly Worried- by Kevin Henkes- First Day of School Lesson Pla

Grade Level Equivalent: 2.1       
Subject Area- Language Arts
Lexile Measure: 170L
DRA: 14
Guided Reading Level: H
Age: 5-7
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Subject: Changes and New Experiences, Confronting and Resolving Fears, Friends and Friendship, School Life

“Wemberly Worried” is another wonderful story by Kevin Henkes about a young girl mouse who worried about everything; little things, big things, and things in between. Wemberly worried all day long. She worried about a tree in the yard and a crack in the wall, noisy radiators, and eventually she worried about the start of school. Children love Wemberly, and they all can relate to worrying about the start of school. This is why “Wemberly Worried” is an ideal read for the first day of school. This book will make students laugh and be able to reflect on their worries that are big and small.

For the “Wemberly Worried” lesson plan for grades K-1 go to:


For  “Chrysanthemum”  Lesson Plan,, Grades K-2 go to:  




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