“I Was So Mad” Little Critter – iPod / iPhone App for Kids

Children simply love the Little Critter Series by Mercer Mayer. They are easy and fun reads that go beyond mere words of the story. The illustrations in each storybook tell the story of their own. I personally love all of Little Critter stories. Children 2-4 love to have Little Critter Series read to them, and early readers from 5-7 can still use these books while learning to read. By the time children are done with Little Critter Series books, they will be worn out but loved. At the same time, Little Critter Series books are ideal for teaching inferencing to emerging readers. So seeing a Little Critter Series book, “I Was So Mad” available in an app, was great. The “I Was So Mad” story app is set up like most other story apps where a child gets to chose if the story is going to be read or if he/she wants to read the story. But this app is a bit different. The best thing about this app is that it’s narrated by a child. It makes it so much more authentic, and the story is also accompanied by sounds. The kindergartners just loved this app. And once they were done they asked for another Little Critter story :). Nonetheless, the “I Was So Mad” app is played numerous times in a day and all I hear is laughing.


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