BrainPop – The Best Learning App Out There

This is the only app that my students choose (on their own) over Angry Birds app. This is especially true for boys. The app is rich with content yet easy to navigate. What makes this app great is the use of visual literacy and proper cognitive stimulation, which keeps students’ interest and engagement without “funny voices” or long pauses. website is more suitable for classroom use. Along with each short movie, there are activities, quiz, and frequently asked questions that go with it.

This app gets 5 stars.

You can sign up for a free trial, which will allow you to use the website and the iPod app.

The app link:

It’s ideal for K-12 students and all styles of learning. Great for enrichment of gifted students.

Definitely worth your time.

Lena, M. Ed.             


3 thoughts on “BrainPop – The Best Learning App Out There

  1. Hi Lena- It’s great to hear your students love the BrainPOP app! We’re always looking for creative ideas on how to integrate the app into daily lessons. If you have any exciting ideas, be sure to come on over and share them with us at BrainPOP Educators!

  2. Hi Lena,

    Thanks for the amazing post, I looked into this app and is certainly very engaging for kids. I like that is very interactive and helps develop motor skills.

    However, there’s this apps that you should check it out too. It’s call “a jazzy day” and is also very entertaining. My 3 years old nephew loves it because it introduces music with storytelling and interaction. It’s a great apps for toddlers.

    This is their website



  3. Just based on research for a class for my Media Specialist degree I came across Brainpop and was incredibly impressed . The free trial version I signed up for only made it better and I quickly recommended this site as something I wanted to sue with my students for next school year instead of another we were using already. Thanks for making your site not only interactive but also fun and educational!!

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