MathGirl Addition House – IPod Apps for Kids

MathGirl Addition House App is an ideal math app for girls. It’s visually appealing with flowers, hearts, balloons, hearts… Your child will get a house which she can then decorate and change (with animals, flowers, paint, etc) as she progresses through levels.  Everything little girls love, especially 5 and 8 years olds.

But beyond all cute girly stuff, this app will build a number sense foundation that is crucial for mathematics, but yet not practiced enough in school. You can walk into any primary school in North America and you will see students using their fingers to add and/or subtract and taking a long time to come up with math answers.

Due to lack of number knowledge, students are so overwhelmed by mere addition that they fail to effectively progress to the next level. Numbers “sense”/”knowledge”, “mental math” or whatever you want to call it, is a foundation to mastering mathematics. We stress reading fluency and even time students reading speed, but completely fail to build math number fluency.

Anyhow, apps like MathGirl are a great way to use technology in an educational and fun way where your children/students won’t even notice how much they are learning in the process.    

Have fun with Apps :)!

Lena M. Ed.


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