The Invention of Hugo Cabret- by Brian Selznick

Grade Level Equivalent: 5.2        

Lexile Measure: 820L

Guided Reading Level: NR

Age: Age 9-12

Genre: Fiction, Mystery and Suspense, Graphic Novels,

Subject: Cleverness, Creativity and Imagination, Movies, Overcoming Obstacles

“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick, is an amazing story about a twelve year old orphan boy, Hugo Cabret, who after loosing his father tries to revive a broken automaton in hopes to get answers to his many questions. Selznik tells the story of Hugo through both words and illustrations. The illustrations are a work of art on their own and tweens greatly enjoy flipping thorough the pages of drawings which not only enhance the story but increase students reading comprehension. Chances are, 9 year old readers of Hugo Cabret are for the first time experiencing such a complex and engaging story telling, which offers a great teaching opportunity in terms of teaching reading comprehension skills (predicting, inferencing, summarizing, etc.). At the same time, Selznik uses rich vocabulary (Lexile measure 820L) which further offers great instructional moments.

This novel is a true treasure.

For the lesson plan/novel unit go to:

Lena M. Ed.


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