Inuksuk Journey – by Mary Wallace

“Inuksuk Journey”- by Mary Wallace     

Interest Level: Grade 3 – Grade 5

Grade Level Equivalent: 8.9

Lexile® measure: 1060L

Genre/Theme: General Nonfiction

“Inuksuk Journey” by Mary Wallace gives a first hand narrative of Mary Wallace’s summer trip to the Arctic. Scholastic designated interest level to be for grades 3-5, but I can see student in high school enjoying this book.

The book is filled with the most beautiful artwork, photographs, and images. The composition of the book is an art piece on its own. Mary Wallace made amazing paintings of inuksuks, stones most of us remember as the sign of Canadian Olympic games in 2010, which are actually stones that carry message(s).

During her journey, Mary Wallace experienced living in the traditional Inuit way, living in one with the nature, and she brought the story to life through her art that is highly engaging and inspiring.

Simply Amazing!


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