HowToSmile- Awesome- IPhone App for Kids – all the best science and math activities

HowToSmile IPhone App– is an amazing IPhone app for kids. Even better, website has a blog with numerous math and science activities for the kids, as well as, links to great science places and activities.

I have been waiting to get an app like this for my kids. This is great. Up to know, my kids used the IPhone mostly for drawing, videos, and taking pictures. Now they can actually have fun and learn when we are out.  As someone who has specialized in Educational Technology in graduate school, I have realized the potential of technology and its many drawbacks when it comes to learning and its application in educational settings.

The truth is, most of the learning software that is out there, be it learning how to read, math, or science, is just not very good. Even the software that is purchased by our school boards is rarely researched for its effectiveness, but you will hear your child’s teacher state the “success” of the program (without any serious research to back it up). So, we as parents and teachers can’t rely on any software, even the effective ones are not effective for all students. What we can do is use great made apps such as and use them as tools to help our children learn science and math through their own personal engagement.

howtosmile is a free IPhone app 

Mrs. Lena M. Ed


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