Best Thanksgiving Books for Kids – “Thanksgiving on Thursday” by Osborne

Lexile® measure: 340L

Grades : 2-5

DRA: 24

Genre/Theme: American History, Thanksgiving, 

Cooperation & Teamwork, Historical Fiction

For all the kids who like Jack and Annie, which is almost all of them, here is another great historical fiction book, “Thanksgiving on Thursday” by  Mary Pope Osborne that takes the children back to the First Thanksgiving. Jack and Annie travel back to 1621 to have the First Thanksgiving with Squanto, Pilgrims, Miles Standish, Governor Bradford, and Pricilla. They try their best to blend in and help out in the preparation of the feast. In their journey, they learn a lot about the ways of Pilgrims, their way of surviving, eating, and living.
For further exploration here is a great site:
For a week long lesson plan, go to
is another kids Thanksgiving favorite story. This super funny text is filled with rhyme and creativity. A must read for students in grades K – 3.
Love it!
Mrs. Lena, M.Ed.
This is another Thanksgiving favorite. Students get to learn about the Very First Thanksgiving, learn about history, and be able to compare / contrast the ways Thanksgiving has changed through time. Ideal for primary students, grades K-3.
The lesson plan includes pre,during and post reading activities, reading comprehension questions, inferenceing and new vocabulary, sentence completion and word sorts.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mrs. Lena, M.Ed. 

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