11 Birthdays – by Wendy Mass

Interest Level – 3-5

Lexile Framework 650L

Grade Level Equivalent 3.7

Age 8-10

Subjects – Friendships and Friends, Understanding Others and Self




Amanda and Leo were born on the same day and same hospital, and for the past 10 years they have been not only celebrated their birthdays together but they have been best friends. Unfortunately on their 10th birthday, Leo says things that hurt Amanda’s feelings and they don’t talk for the whole year, but things change when their 11th birthday comes. They are unable to move pass the 11th birthday day and the day keeps repeating itself over and over. Amanda and Leo relive their 11th birthday 11 times and as they do, they change and grow and learn from their actions. Only when they are able to work out their differences are they able to get out of the enchantment. This is a great read. Your child will not want to stop reading this book. The characters are funny, real, and extremely engaging. 

Awesome read! 

Happy Reading! 


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