The Hundred Dresses – Eleanor Estes

The Hundred Dresses– by Eleanor Estes-  is an ideal character building story for girls in grades 3-5. It is a story about bullying, compassion, and regret. In addition to learning a valuable life lesson through this story, children will be inspired to draw hundred dresses themselves.

The Hundred Dresses – Book Report and Reading Comprehension Questions



Book Report Questions

What is the title of the book?

Who is the main character of the story?

Who are other characters in the story?

What happens to the main character in the book?

What is the story about?

Where does the story take place?

How does the story end?

What did you learn from the story?

Reading Comprehension Questions 

Compare and contrast Maddie and Peggy? How are they similar and different?

Why did the girls tease Wanda?

Why did Maddie feel bad about the way Peggy was treating Wanda?

Why didn’t Maddie say anything?

How did Maddie feel about teasing that Wanda had to endure?

Can you think of the time when you did not stand up for yourself or someone

else because you were scared of what might happen to you?







One thought on “The Hundred Dresses – Eleanor Estes

  1. Your questions are thought-provoking, as they should be for such a thoughtful book. I’ve used this book for years to help students explore their own relationships with other people. We run “conversations” with it (which is really just a form of book groups, and is based on Regie Routman’s book “Conversations.”)

    As I teach younger children who need some structure to get the most out of this book, we also start this unit with an anticipation guide that helps get them thinking. They have to answer “true” or “false” for several question like: “Sometimes names that are hard to say are names of people who come from other places,” or “it is possible that someone could be teased so much that they could move to another town.”

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